Recently, Greensburg had something else that has kept us busy… a storm with absolutely HUGE hail. Here’s a photo from one of our customers showing the size of the hail. It’s done a ton of damage to roofs throughout the region. We’ve been inspecting and are working on dozens of home in the region. If you experienced the storm, be sure to give us a call for a free roof inspection. We can come out and assist in any way we can in filing a claim with your insurance company. With a storm like this, some insurance companies have a certain time period you must report the damage in. Not fixing the damage can cause leaks and; ultimately, additional structural damage to your home.

Have you ever been to the “Tree City” in Decatur County, Indiana? Greensburg (Zip 47240) is an absolutely beautiful city, nicknamed for the mulberry trees that have been growing out of the Decatur County Courthouse tower since the 1870s! Greensburg is conveniently about half-way between Indy and Cincinnati, just South East of our headquarters on I-74. Greensburg was laid out in 1822 and founded by Ronald L. Baker. His wife named the city after Greensburg, Pennsylvania!

Our team took a time-out from doing some inspections and working with some clients in the area to do some Greensburg sight-seeing. If you’ve not been to Greensburg, it’s a stunning city. In front of the court house you’ll find this historic Bison statue. In 2016, Decatur County joined the Indiana Association of United Ways (IaUW) and the Indiana Bicentennial Commission to bring Indiana’s first public art project to Greensburg to celebrate the Bison-tennial. The intricately painted bison was inspired by a postcard and is a beautiful public art piece.

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