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Amos Exteriors understands the importance of installing insulation leak-free the first time so that homeowners in Indiana can enjoy an energy efficient home. We conduct a thorough assessment of the state of your space and provide you the best options as per your needs. We offer the following types:

  • Batts and rolls insulation
  • Rigid foam insulation
  • Loose fill and blown-in insulation

With almost 50 years of providing premium quality insulation solutions, we have amassed extensive knowledge and skills that help us maneuver through our customer needs and sift through possible solutions to bring them the best. If you don’t want to be among the 90% of the US homes that are under insulated and don’t enjoy the benefits of an energy efficient home, please reach out to us and see how we can help. Better yet, get a free, on-site, 15-point inspection and estimate from experts today!

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Which Insulation is best in Indiana?

USDA names Indiana in the hardiness zones of 5-6, and regulation states that the minimum amount is 14 inches of R-38 insulation. The best is R-60, which is when you can really save on long-term energy costs and enjoy insulation that offers maximum resistance to energy leaks.

How Much Attic Insulation Should I Have?

Why Choose Amos Exteriors for Your Insulation Installation Services in Indiana?

We Offer Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Different homes have different requirements in insulation. For instance, if you have a cathedral ceiling and need insulation in your attic, then batt insulation is the perfect choice, but if you need cavity wall insulation, then loose fill will be the better option in this case. Our experts have worked with numerous clients with varying insulation needs, and have delivered solutions that both meet the minimum code standards, and provide you the best results.

We Offer Quick and Efficient Insulation

Unless you have a colossal space to cover, Amos Exteriors only take a day to install insulation in your home. This minimum downtime ensures that your home is protected quickly and without you having to postpone or halt your appointments for multiple days. We make sure that your home is insulated to better protect you from environmental elements like pollen and insects, offer better humidity control and regulation of temperature in the house without over-exertion of appliances.

We Help Reduce Your Costs in Heating and Cooling

In a house that is not insulated or under insulated, the energy leaks through easily. This pushed your heating and cooling appliances to use more energy to constantly try to bring the temperature inside to the optimum level. Amos Exteriors offers insulation installation that allows appliances to use energy to bring the temperature to the required level, and because there are no air leaks, they only need a minimum to maintain it. This way, you can enjoy a significantly lower energy bill after our installation.

We Ensure Electrical and Fire Safety during Installation

The experts at Amos Exteriors are well-versed with the safety regulations and guidelines of separating insulation from electrical equipment. We follow the electrical and fire safety procedures strictly to ensure the safety of you and your family.

If you need insulation in your home, avoid the hassle by hiring Amos Exteriors to do the job for you. Call us today at (317) 359-3414!

Insulation Installation Information

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