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Professional Residential Windows InstalledReplacement Windows

Amos Exteriors offers free professional window replacement estimates to assess your specific window needs. During your free window replacement consultation, our specialists will work with you to determine the best windows for your home. We offer a broad selection of window replacements from single windows to entire window systems.

Looking to replace the foggy picture window in your family room? Maybe you want a custom window replacement to improve your home’s curb appeal. Perhaps you’re building a new home and need a complete window installation? From bay windows to basement windows, from sliding windows to casement windows, we have a full line to meet your window installation needs and budget. Contact Amos Exteriors, the replacement window specialists, for quality replacement windows installed right!

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We provide the following types of windows:

  • Energy Efficient Windows
  • Double Hung Windows
  • Awning Windows 
  • Casement Windows
  • Picture Windows 
  • Bay Windows 
  • Bow Windows
  • Slider Windows
  • Garden Windows 
  • Egress Windows
  • Custom Windows

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Quality Windows & Expert Window Installation for All Types of Windows

For new window installation to replacement windows, Amos Exteriors can replace any window in your home. We are window replacement experts!

Our professionals can help determine the right type and size of windows needed for any home. Our team will do the job right the first time!  Amos Exteriors is the number one choice for customers wanting quality window replacement.

Lowered Heating & Cooling Costs — Thermopane Glass Windows

Amos Exteriors installs quality-crafted thermopane windows for your home. Thermopane windows are designed to insulate your home from the elements—whether it’s hot summer days or the frigid winds in the winder. An investment in thermopane windows will pay off every time you look at your energy bill.

How Thermopane Windows Save You Money

Thermopane windows are designed with insulated glass units (IGUs) and are the modern evolution of single-pane glass. To improve the insulating qualities of single-pane glass windows, homeowners used to install storm windows for the winter. Adding a second window pane created an additional layer of protection from the outside elements. Thermopanes take this a step further by sealing insulating gases between two panes of glass.

IGUs use inert gases with low heat conductivity. The most common being Argon, which conducts roughly 33% less heat than standard air. This heat transfer reduction works both ways with thermopane windows. During the summer, your home’s interior will absorb less heat from the outdoors and will lose less heat in the winter. Your heating and cooling systems won’t need to work as hard, and your energy costs will be reduced.

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Window Replacements for Energy Efficiency

Many homeowners have their windows replaced to increase energy efficiency. Replacing drafty, old windows will significantly cut energy costs. Our window replacement specialists can assess your specific window needs to help eliminate drafts.

Should You Replace Your Old Windows?

The specialists at Amos Exteriors will assess whenever window replacement is necessary, but there are some things to consider:

Replacement WindowsAge of Windows – If your home’s windows are the originals and are primarily in good condition, repairs could be the best option. However, if parts are impossible to find, replacement may be necessary. 

Rotting Window Frames – Rotting wood frames can be repaired if the problematic areas are isolated. The more damage, the higher the chances replacement will be necessary.

Window Seal Integrity – Drafty windows will wreak havoc on your energy bill. While small drafts could possibly be repaired, excessive drafts will likely require replacement.

Our window replacement specialists provide a free consultation and estimate to replace your home’s windows.

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Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows for Any Climate

Quality windows let in natural light and scenic views while keeping the worst of the weather out. To obtain the right balance of beauty and durability, you will need to get precisely the best windows – and the best window installers to put them in! Our window installers are the best around, and we are ready to finish your project in a timely and professional manner.

There are many benefits to replacement windows

  • Loads of design options, as unique and elegant as your home
  • Remarkable durability and exceptional performance
  • Energy efficiency at its best for lower utility bills
  • Expert installers where you can see the difference in quality
Replacement Windows
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When to Replace Windows and Patio Doors

Replacement Windows

Now that you understand the advantages of replacing your home’s windows, it’s time to think about when to make the switch. Many homeowners don’t realize that windows have a limited lifespan, after which they fail. This is complicated even more by the fact that every manufacturer has a different lifespan, and most windows don’t have an install date printed on them. Amos Exteriors can help you with that!

Watch out for these common indicators that you need to replace your windows.

  • Condensation in your window glass between the panes
  • Clattering, clanking, or any excessive noise when opening and closing a window
  • Drafts that could indicate the window’s seals have failed
  • Locks that don’t function or do not securely keep the window closed Save
  • Water damage around the window, like bubbling paint or rotting and cracked wood.
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Window Specialists at Amos Exteriors Can Help With Many Types of Windows!

Double Hung Windows

A double-hung window is a window where both the top and bottom window sashes slide open vertically. The difference between a single hung and a double hung window is that in a single hung the top doesn’t open. In a double-hung, both window sashes slide to open and tilt for easy maintenance. One of the best benefits when opening a double-hung window is larger openings for more fresh air in the summer. Double-hung windows are a perfect window option for the Indianapolis climate, along with adding considerable curb appeal to your home!

Awning Windows

An awning window is hinged at the top and open outward from the bottom. This allows for ventilation and protection from the rain. They are often installed higher on walls for privacy or can be combined with large stationary windows for a better view.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged on the side and open like a door, usually by using a crank. Casement windows are among the most airtight options available. They are one of the better window options for establishing a well-insulated, energy-efficient home. Because of the way the sash and frame meet, a stronger weather-tight bond can be made.  Casement windows will help reduce energy use.

Picture Windows

A picture window is a fixed-pane window and is the most energy-efficient since it doesn’t open. The picture window gets its name because it is designed to give you a clear view of your surroundings without any obstructions. It acts as a picture frame for the scenery outside the window.

Bay Windows

A bay window is a series of double-hung or casement windows that form a “bay” that protrudes outside of the home. They are among the more attractive options available for your home but can be particularly challenging to install. Bay windows are popular in the Indianapolis area because they brighten up a room and create a feeling of openness.

Bow Windows

A bow window is like a bay window in that it protrudes from the house and creates a bench-like seat on the inside. The difference between the two is that a bow window is curved, creating a rounded appearance. A bay window, however, consists of a picture window flanked by two other smaller windows.

Slider Windows

Slider windows are like sideways double-hung windows – the sashes slide sideways. Sliding windows are great in homes with shorter walls, where taller, slender windows would be more appropriate. They are also useful in areas where it can be challenging to open or close a window, such as above the kitchen counter.

Garden Windows

At first glance, a garden window can look a lot like a bay window. It has three panels and protrudes outdoors. But the key difference between a garden and bay window is that side panels of a garden window are set at 90-degree angles. Bay windows are usually positioned at 45-degree angles. A garden window creates a box-like area where you can keep plants to maximize the amount of light they get. Garden windows are most often used in kitchen areas.

Egress Windows

An egress window is a window designed to be operable for allowing emergency escape and rescue. According to building codes, these windows are required in every room considered living space. Egress windows are not only installed in basement bedrooms but also installed in attics. In most cases, the building code requires the opening of an egress window to be equal to or greater than 5.7 square feet, having a minimum opening height of 24 inches, and minimum opening width of 20 inches. The window can’t be higher than 44 inches from the floor. Window wells are mandatory if the window is below ground level. 

Window Installation

Amos Exteriors has been providing residential window services for almost 50 years. Our installers are among the best! 

We take care of each step of the window installation so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our experts also clean up after themselves so that you will be left with brand-new windows and no unsightly leftover debris to remove.

There are only four simple steps to your new windows.

  1. Schedule a window replacement appointment.
  2. Meet with one of our expert window replacement consultants.
  3. Windows will be installed by our expert craftsman.
  4. Enjoy your new windows!
Replacement Windows
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Amos Exteriors Offers Many Window Replacement Services

  • Broken Window Replacement

  • Commercial and Residential Window Replacement

  • Double Pane Window Replacement

  • Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

  • Interior Window Replacement

  • Garage Window Replacement

  • Replacement Casement Windows

  • Side Window Replacement

  • Single Hung Replacement Windows

  • Storm Window Replacement

  • Vinyl Replacement Windows

If you’re thinking about a remodel or full home window replacement you can schedule a free 15-point inspection.

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