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Door Replacement

Our doors have engineered to the highest quality, to be energy-efficient, low-maintenance, and affordable. Our fiberglass and steel doors feature high-definition embossments for staining or a smooth surface for painting that will provide long-lasting beauty and security for your home.

We provide, fiberglass, and steel door varieties. There are two of the most robust materials for door construction. Each of these doors has its advantages.

  • Fiberglass Doors can protect against water infiltration and prevent water damage that can cause warping and the buildup of mold and resists denting and scratching
  • Steel Doors are manufactured from 22 Gauge Steel providing superior strength and won’t bow or crack

Doors Designed for Your Home and Professionally Installed

Amos Exteriors has a wide selection of doors and with our expert door installation team, you are going to love your new doors!

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Entry Doors

Is it time to improve your home’s comfort and curb appeal with a beautiful new set of entry doors? The team here at Amos Exteriors would love to help! We will guide you through your entry door project with experienced craftsmanship and outstanding professionalism.

With years of experience as local Indianapolis entry door installers, we have the precise skills to complete your project promptly and under budget. We strive to add value, beauty, and comfort to your home. Plus, our commitment to transparent and competitive pricing means that you won’t be left guessing if you got the very best deal.

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Quality Doors & Expert Door Installation for All Types of Doors

Your home entry doors make the difference between a dark and stuffy room or a bright and inviting living area. So, it’s essential to choose the right entry doors for your home and budget and choose the best replacement entry door installer to do the job right! The entry doors at Amos Exteriors give you the durability and value that you expect, plus the added benefits of curb appeal.

Replacing your entry doors offers many benefits for your home.

  • Loads of options to match your style and design preference
  • Established durability for years of enjoyment and value
  • Energy efficiency to lower your energy bills

Top Signs You Need to Replace Your Entry Doors

You know how essential durable and energy-efficient doors are to keeping your home comfortable. Though, you may not know precisely when your doors need replacement. Keep an eye out for these common signs that you need to replace your doors, particularly when dealing with inclimate weather.

Should you notice any of these indicators that your doors need to be replaced, call us at 317- 210-5911 for a free consultation.

  • Noticeable drafts near the doors
  • Unusual sounds when you open or close the doors
  • Doors that are difficult to open or close
  • Doors that feel loose in the frame
  • Locks that no longer secure the doors properly, or not at all
  • Doors with condensation between the glass
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Fiberglass Entry Doors

Don’t ignore entry doors when you are investing in replacement windows for your home. At Amos Exteriors, our fiberglass entry doors are available in 2 finishes, an oak grain texture ready for painting or staining, or a smooth painted surface for a clean finished appearance. Our fiberglass doors are available in a replacement or new construction frame. 

Reinforced Entry Doors

Fiberglass entry doors offer some of the best options. When you want a traditional wood look, but you do not want the high maintenance of wood, fiberglass entry doors are the best solution for your home.

High-impact compression-molded entry door panels will not splinter, dent, rot, or rust. All entry door surfaces are easy to stain or paint, and easy to clean. Our fiberglass entry door panels create strong dimensions and crisp shadow lines. All our entry doors are architecturally correct stile and rail proportions to enhance any entry door’s traditional oak appearance.

Patio DoorsPatio Doors

Your patio doors are more than just a simple component of your home. They’re your door to the world, letting the sunshine in and keeping the weather out. You’ll see them every single day, so it’s essential to choose the appropriate patio doors for your style and home design. The number of options can be dizzying, however. Our team of patio door experts at Amos Exteriors can help! We’ll simplify the process, providing a free consultation without any annoying, high-pressure sales pitches.

When you’re picking out patio doors, there are a few advantages to look for.

  • Loads of customization options so that your new doors fit your style AND your budget!
  • Long-lasting durability that you can rely on to keep your home safe, warm, and energy-efficient for years to come
  • Energy-efficient design to save you money on your energy bill and help the environment
  • The best carpentry and installation, with deliberate care taken to match your new replacement windows seamlessly with your home
  • Each energy-efficient patio door comes with thermopane energy-efficient glass, superior construction, and an airtight fit for reduced energy consumption and improved interior comfort. 

Patio Doors

When Should You Replace Your Patio Doors?

It can be difficult to know when to replace patio doors. Many homeowners purchase their homes without knowing exactly how old their original doors are.

Not to worry! Our team knows all the tell-tale signs of a patio door that is failing. If you’re not sure about your patio doors, just schedule an appointment, and our team of experienced window experts will happily check for you. Here are a few to look out for:

  • Fog and condensation between the panes is the most common sign
  • Shaky, loose door panels, particularly evident when opening or closing the door
  • Water damage from prior leaks, possibly indicated by mold on the rubber seals or cracked/bubbling paint around the frame
  • Cold drafts coming through when the door is closed
  • Locks don’t securely hold the door closed, or don’t lock at all
  • There’s noisy operation, like squeaking, clacking or clattering 
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Storm Doors and Security Doors

Efficient and well-functioning storm doors are pivotal to enjoying your home. They help keep the elements out while allowing the light and beauty of the outdoors in! It’s critical to make sure that your storm door is up to the task. If not, you need a trustworthy remodeler to install replacements. At Amos Exteriors, our replacement storm and security doors are engineered to deliver incredible value and industry-leading durability – plus a classic and contemporary beauty that will add curb appeal to your home.

Our replacement storm door solutions are an excellent fit for your home and budget, here’s why:

  • Enhanced durability you can depend on for years to come
  • Almost limitless customization options so that your doors match your home perfectly
  • World Class energy efficiency for a remarkable return on investment
  • Expert installers so that you know your project is in good hands

Steel Doors

Your steel entry doors are a vital component of a comfortable home. They keep the Indy weather at bay and are the entryway into your home. You will love the new look when your steel entry doors are fit your style, your house, and are installed by experts.

At Amos Exteriors, our replacement steel entry doors are designed for durability, delivering top-of-the-line value and quality. You’ll love the value of our replacement steel entry doors for years to come!

Door Installation

Amos Exteriors has been providing door and window replacement services to the residents of Indiana for almost 50 years. Our installers are among the best in Indiana. 

We take care of each step so that you don’t have to worry about it. Our experts also clean up after themselves so that you will be left with a brand-new door or window without having to hire someone else to remove the unsightly debris.

There are only four simple steps to your new doors:

  1. Schedule a door replacement appointment.
  2. Meet with one of our expert door replacement consultants.
  3. doors will be installed by our expert craftsman.
  4. Enjoy your new doors
door replacement
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Amos Exteriors Offers Many Door Replacement Services

  • Broken Door Replacement

  • Commercial and Residential Doors

  • Energy Efficient Replacement Doors

  • Exterior Door Replacement

  • Interior Door Replacement

  • Metal Door Replacement

  • Patio Door Replacement

  • Screen Door Replacement

  • Sliding Door Replacement

  • Storm Door Replacement

  • Security Door Replacement

If you’re thinking about a remodel or full home door replacement you can schedule a free 15-point inspection.

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