Project Description

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as coming home to find your basement flooded, but that’s just what happened to one family here in Indianapolis. The extent of the damage was kept to a minimum, though, because they called us immediately. Our water restoration team was able to get into the house, remove any household items, remove the water, dry out the space, inspect, and repair the damage quickly and efficiently.

Basements are at a higher risk of water damage because there’s no where for the water to escape when a sump pump fails, a pipe bursts, or storm damage allows water into the home. If you come home to a basement full of water, here’s some advice on what to do:

What to Do If Your Basement Floods

  • Shut off power and gas – don’t set foot into a flooded space unless you can ensure that the power is off. If you can’t reach the breaker panel, contact us and we’ll have an electrician come in.

  • Shut off the water – if the water is coming from a burst pipe or you can’t determine where it’s coming in from, turn off your water. If you don’t have a water shut-off valve, call your water company’s emergency number and they will come and turn off the water from the street.

  • Call Amos Exteriors – be sure to call us. Time is of the essence when it comes to water damage and every minute causes more damage, takes longer to repair, and costs more money.

  • Notify your Insurance Company – notify your insurance provider and let us know who it is so that we can assist in providing any information that’s necessary for your claim.

  • Remove or Elevate Items – if you have furniture or valuables on the floor, try to elevate them or remove them immediately. We recommend that you put on boots and gloves for this. If we can get there quickly, we’ll do this work. Leave any electrical items as they may already be ruined and need inspected to see if they work.

  • Remove the water – using a pump, wet vacuum, or even a mop and bucket, try to remove the water. Again, our equipment is commercial grade and works much faster, so if you call us we can typically remove water far faster than if you try to do it yourself (including the time it takes to get there).

  • Repair the damage – water damage is often something you can’t see, so have us come in and test for moisture. While you may think you cleaned up and dried out the space, moisture that’s left unattended can cause mold and mildew damage down the road.

Damage was kept to a minimum because the water hadn’t settled and soaked into the items in the space and the home’s structure. We were able to remove all the baseboards and edging, remove the carpet, dry out the space, repair the sheetrock damage, reinstall new baseboards, and then paint the space to bring it back to life!